Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The rolls

My arms, my back, and my neck hurt by the end of the day but I couldn't love him more.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fairy tales

Eliza got a set of princess books for Christmas and here she is "reading" a few of them. This shows what an impressive memory she has because I'm pretty sure she doesn't actually know how to read any words except her name. I know the sound isn't great so I translated what she said below the video. Nearly everything is word for word from the books.

"Cinderella worked hard day and night. But she was cheerful just the same. She had fun with her mouse friends. Singing raised her spirits, too. But believing in her dreams made her happiest of all."

"Mulan wanted to bring honor to her family. Sometimes it was hard. Mulan's father learned he would have to go to war. Mulan pretended to be a boy. She joined the army so her father would not have to. Mulan helped the Chinese army win. Mulan made her family proud."

"The undersea world is a magical place. Concerts to hear. Shipwrecks to explore. Trinkets to collect. And daydreams to dream."

"There was a sweet and kind princess named Snow White. The wicked queen was jealous of Snow White's beauty. Snow White had to run away. She stayed in a cottage with the seven dwarfs (sounds like doors). The wicked queen tricked Snow White with a poisoned apple. The prince lived happily ever after with Snow White with a kiss."

"The gentle Snow White had many friends. The animals in the forest were her friends. A little bluebird was her friend. Prince Charming was her friend. The seven dwarfs were Snow White's best friends of all."

"Ariel was a mermaid who lived under the sea. Ariel was fascinated by humans, especially Prince Eric. Ariel asked the sea witch for human places (she meant legs) so she could be with Prince Eric. If Prince Eric did not kiss Ariel she would be a mermaid once again. The sea witch's magical could not keep Ariel and Eric apart."

Eliza is such a smart little girl. I know, I know...every mom thinks that. She really is so fun to spend the day with. It makes me happy that she loves books already and wants to learn to read.