Saturday, September 20, 2008

I literally can't stop laughing

My cousin Liz and her husband, Nate, had such a funny post on their blog about misused words and phrases. It reminded me of how Matt and I find it hilarious when people use the word "literally" but they don't really mean it, well, literally. It seems like people throw that word into a conversation in order to make a really strong point but if you think about it, it's just silly sometimes.

Example 1 - The other day, we were watching a football game (well, I was reading and Matt was watching) and the commentator said that the defense had "literally shot themselves in the foot" due to all the penalties they had gotten. Really? They actually got a gun and shot themselves in the foot?

Example 2 - When discussing the weather someone stated that it was "literally raining cats and dogs out there." That's just a funny mental picture.

Example 3 - "That car was going so fast. I mean, it was literally flying down the street!" Cool, I wish my car did that.

Example 4 - "That movie was terrifying. I was literally scared to death."

Anyway, you get the idea. I guess we're easily entertained.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything and, unfortunately, there's not much to report still. On Labor day we recruited family and friends to help us and we moved out of our condo and into my parent's basement. It's actually been working out great so far. A lot of people say that they live with their parents and roll their eyes but we've had a great time so far. Eliza loves being here because there is a yard to play in and the basement alone has more square footage than our entire condo did. It's really a step up for us! Plus she loves getting to see "Pa" and "Cat" everyday. You might be wondering why Eliza calls her grandma "Cat." My mom has little cat hand puppets that Eliza loves. So whenever I asked her before if she wanted to go to grandma's house, she would say "cat!" Thus, my mom is now "cat" to Eliza. The funny things is, Matt's parents have a real cat and Eliza doesn't call them that. Go figure.
The man buying our condo should close soon and then we'll start looking for a house more seriously. We found one a couple of weeks ago that we absolutely loved. It was just what we were looking for but the day we made an offer, they also received two other offers. So that one didn't work out for us but we're confident that we'll find the right house for us soon.
We'll keep you all posted on what we find. I don't have any fun pictures to share today. I suppose I could go take a picture of all our belongings piled up in the garage but I'm sure you can imagine the clutter. Thank you to grandma and grandpa for letting us move in!