Friday, September 7, 2012


When Jackson was in speech therapy they suggested that for preschool, the more experiences he can have, the better.  After we found out he qualified for the special preschool over at the elementary school, we also decided to enroll him in the same one Eliza went to.  So two days a week he takes the bus to school and two days a week we walk.  

I have been worrying and having anxiety over this week for months.  Because he's always had such separation trouble and hates change so much, I was dreading it.  But he has changed a lot in the last  month or so.  He's becoming a little more independent and is communicating better.  

His first day at the neighborhood preschool went pretty well!  He cried of course when he realized he was on his own but his teacher said it wasn't too bad.  She may have been trying to be nice.  :)  The bus was what I was REALLY sick about.  Getting him on the bus the first morning was awful.  He was clinging to me, screaming, crying, all that fun stuff.  So the whole time he was gone I kept wondering if he was still as bad or had settled down or what.  When the bus dropped him off home the bus driver said he only cried for a few minutes and according to his little note from his teacher he was "happy."  I am FLOORED.  I just expected him to survive they day and maybe not cry the entire 2 hours.  Not to be happy!  I am so relieved.  Maybe our luck will hold!  Potty training - check!  Sleeping in a bed - check!  Neither of which I thought would ever happen.  My boy is growing up and keeps surprising me!  Love him so much.

Our photoshoot for day 1 of preschool

 Check out those tonsils!

 Fell over the dog

Day 2