Monday, January 31, 2011


I was blowing bubbles with Eliza and Jackson the other day and it reminded me of some pictures we took around Christmastime that I meant to post, but never did. Bubbles have provided LOTS of entertainment during the cold, hazy days when I don't want to take them outside.

Eliza likes to chase the bubbles around and try to eat them. Jackson will never give up on trying to catch one in his hands or pick one up off the ground. It can be very frustrating for him.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

18 months

We had two big appointments for Jackson this week - his 18 month check-up and then a tube check with the ENT. After two bad colds, two ear infections, and an outbreak of hives, we were hoping for some good news.

Jackson is doing fantastic. Here are his stats -

Weight: 27.5 lbs (70%)
Height: 32.4 in (50%)
Head: 50 cm (90%)

The doctor is not too concerned that Jackson is not talking. He said that 12-18 months is when their motor skills really take off and 18-24 months is when the verbal skills develop more. We're hoping he'll start to communicate a little better. Poor child gets so frustrated! And yes, we try to do signs with him. Eliza loved signs; Jackson, not so much.

The bad news is that his ear was infected AGAIN. That makes three infections in a month. Our pediatrician prescribed a different antibiotic ear drop that seems to be working much better than the other one. At our visit with the ENT I asked if it was normal for a child with tubes to still be getting so many infections. We were told that yes, some children continue to have trouble even with tubes. The plus side is that at least with the tubes in, it's easier to know when he has an infection and it's easier to treat. They said that if he continues to have so many infections one right after another that we may need to have his adenoids removed. We would love to avoid that so we're crossing our fingers for the end of cold/runny nose season to come quickly and that this poor boy can have a break.

Jackson can be such a sweet boy but his has been such a challenge. He is grumpy and a bad sleeper. He spends the majority of the time he is awake crying or whining about something. He screams like he is being tortured if you put him in a shopping cart or a stroller. But I love him. I couldn't love him more. He gives such nice snuggles and loves when he wants to. He lights up when he sees a cat or a dog. He has the sweetest smile, long eyelashes, and the prettiest blue eyes. And he is most definitely a daddy's boy.