Thursday, March 27, 2008

Binky hoarding

When Eliza was a newborn she didn't really take a pacifier much at all but as she has gotten older that has really changed. We have four of five pacifiers around the house and one of Eliza's favorite things to do it gather them all up and carry them around the house. She also likes to sit down with them laid out in front of her and suck on each of them for a minute to see which one she likes the best. It's pretty funny to watch. Of course, when you can't decide between two, just go all the way and enjoy both!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Eliza has had a cold for a few days so I stayed home from church with her on Sunday. I was sad that we wouldn't be in church on Easter Sunday because it's always such a special day. But we still had a fun day. We went to dinner at my mom and dad's house and since Eliza didn't get to wear her Easter dress to church, she wore it to dinner. I have to say that adorable dresses are one of my favorite things about having a daughter. She loves it as much as I do too. After I put her in a pretty dress she walks in front of her mirror and smiles at herself.

After dinner we had an egg hunt but Eliza is still a little young to get really excited about it. After we help her put eggs in her basket, she just takes them back out or gives them away.

We had a wonderful holiday and hope you all did too!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Duck, duck...goose!

Even though our condo is small and we have to walk up three flights of stairs, one great thing about it is that we have a nice pond right by our building. We especially love it on pretty days like today when we can take Eliza outside and enjoy the weather and feed the ducks. She loves it. Everytime a duck waddles up and eats a piece of bread we've thrown she lets out an excited scream and points at them and sometimes claps. It's so funny. When we are out of food to give them and it's time to go back inside she cries and we have to tell her that the ducks have to go to bed but we'll see them again soon. There are usually a couple of geese over there too which we don't like. They are loud, annoying and they pick on the little ducks and steal their bread. Big bullies! We try to throw it right to the ducks so they have a chance to get it before they get snapped at by the geese. Eliza doesn't really know how to give the bread to the ducks yet. Whenever we give her a little piece to throw she eats it instead. She'll catch on soon enough. Here we are getting ready to go over and Eliza is all ready with the bread.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dinnertime messes

It's so great to see how much Eliza has changed and what a big girl she is becoming. At dinnertime she does not like us to feed her anymore and prefers to do it herself. The problem is that she tends to run her hands through her hair several times during the meal. As my family and Matt's family have witnessed, she has had some crazy hairstyles thanks to mashed potatoes, avacadoes, jelly sandwiches, and the latest - macaroni and cheese. This may not look too bad yet (other than she rubbed her eye so her eyelashes were crusty) but not long after this picture was taken she had gooey, cheesy hair. I'm sure children her age don't need their hair shampooed every day but we have yet to go through the day without getting some part of her meal smashed into her hair. Although, isn't avacado supposed to be good for your hair? Maybe it's not so bad after all.