Monday, March 15, 2010

Just stuff

I wish I had something great and exciting to write about. I really do. But there's just not much going on. Maybe that's a good thing. Here are some little things, if you're bored.

- Jackson can finally roll in both directions and he likes to practice in his crib in the middle of the night. He has four teeth now and is just getting over a double ear infection. That's been tons of fun.

- I had to get an eye exam last week for new contacts and my eyes have changed, again. At this rate, I will be blind in ten years. Oh LASIK, why aren't you covered by our insurance?

- Eliza is doing so much better with learning to not get up to go to the bathroom all night long. Most nights now she doesn't get up at all and she has only had about 3 accidents in the past 3 months. She is such a good girl. She helps me with Jackson so much and is just a happy, sweet girl with a giant personality.

- Matt and I are complete '24' addicts and this season is GOOD! We are loving it!

- I am usually a big American Idol fan but I think I've only watched a total of two performances and they were both terrible. I don't know....just not feeling it this season.

- Matt picked my New Moon DVD up for me on Saturday and he even caved and watched it with me once. I'm happy to say he was on his best behavior, more or less.

- I just finished Dan Brown's "Lost Symbol" and loved it! I don't know why some people didn't like it very much. I love his writing and I always feel so much smarter after I'm finished.

- The Cougars had a great season. But no Matt, we still can't change Jackson's name to Jimmer. That's not even a name.

- I saw "Remember Me" last weekend. It was seriously so good. Would I have seen it if Rob Pattinson wasn't in it? I don't know....I hope so. It was a wonderful story. If you're thinking about seeing it, do! But bring tissues. You have been warned. Here's the trailer for anyone interested -

- My brother Spencer and his family were in town this weekend. He is a dentist in Arizona so we don't get to see them too often. I love when they come up! But I forgot to take pictures.

Umm.....I guess that's about it. I'm looking forward for spring to finally get here. I'm not ready for the hot summer days yet but 60-70 degrees outside would be nice.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Last week was the one year anniversary of buying our house! I actually can't believe how fast the time has gone. We have loved it here. We have a great ward and really wonderful neighbors and no major complaints about our house so I guess that's pretty good!

So after a whole year, we are FINALLY starting to decorate everything the way we (I) want it. Our walls have been bare for too long! I'm not much of a decorator, I mostly just copy things I see but it's been really fun. My friend Shelly introduced me to the wonderful world of vinyl decorations which I love! They are so easy to put on and look really nice, I think.

We're not done yet but already, everything is looking much better.

The biggest project was our kitchen. We had a huge plain wall behind our table that I never could figure out what to do with. So a couple of weeks ago, we painted it red! It took some getting used to but I really like the way it turned out. Just don't examine it too closely if you come over.

But the best home improvement by far is that we now have a piano! It's an electric piano so it's just a little bit smaller than a traditional one. We love it. It's actually really fun because it can sound like different instruments. I'm so happy Eliza discovered the drums. Although I feel like I'm learning how to play all over I am very happy to have a piano again! I've missed it. It's just a little crowded in our living room with it but I don't mind. Matt however feels like now is the perfect time to buy a new flatscreen to mount on the wall to free up some space. Ha! Nice try.

We love it! Thank you grandma!!