Sunday, April 27, 2008

Family get-together

On Saturday we celebrated my grandma's 89th birthday. It was especially fun because my brother, Spencer, and his family were in town from Phoenix so we were all able to be together. We had a BBQ at my parent's house and Matt was the master chef.

Eliza had fun exploring the backyard.

Playing in the dirt (in her brand new white shirt.)

Tossing the basketball around

The birthday girl

Eliza loves playing in the backyard at my parent's house. Hopefully one day soon we'll have a house with a yard that she can play in as well. I love seeing how much fun she has and how big she is getting. She looks so grown up lately!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fun times

Last Sunday we were able to go to my nephew Michael's baby blessing. It was a great meeting and afterwards we had a fun open house at my parent's home. After trying unsucessfully to get Eliza to take a nap the only thing that would keep her happy was jumping on the trampoline in the backyard. At first I thought Eliza would be hesitant about it and that it might scare her but it was the complete opposite. If we would have let her run around on it for the whole afternoon she probably would have. The funniest part was when she would fall and get up and the static electricity would make her hair stand straight up.

On Saturday we celebrated my niece Mylee's first birthday. The party was at a fun little park in Syracuse. Like the trampoline, I wasn't sure Eliza would like going down the slides, but once again I was wrong. Matt and my dad were such good sports to take her up and down the slides over and over again. She loved it and even went down part of the way on her own. Mylee's birthday cake was an awesome Tinkerbell cake and they had tinkerbell headbands for the kids to wear. Eliza wouldn't take her headband off all night. The next day I tried to throw it away so she wouldn't tear it apart and put it in her mouth. But she got it out of the garbage can and put it on again and wore it the whole day. She is becoming so expressive. Anytime she recognizes or sees something that interests her she lets out a suprised "oooo!" and points to it over and over. It is so fun to watch her discover new things and really show off her cute personality.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Our little helper

I don't know if it's just Eliza or all 1 year olds but she has to be right in the middle of everything. No matter what we happen to be doing, she loves to help. Of course, it usually ends up taking twice as long when she helps but I can't help but smile and laugh at the effort she is making. People always say that children learn so much at this age but I didn't realize how true that is. She really picks up on everything we do. One of her favorite things to help with is when I unload the dishwasher. She starts squealing and runs right over when I open the dishwasher. She loves to get her spoons out and gather them all up then put them back in. I think most of them end up getting washed a few times because they get taken out and put back in so many times by Eliza while I'm unloading and loading dishes that I can't keep the clean ones and the dirty ones straight. She also likes to help push the vacuum which is quite an accomplishment because a few months ago, everytime I turned it on she burst into tears and I had to hold her while I vacuumed - not an easy task with any child and especially on that weighs 25 pounds. Today she got the broom out of the closet and was sweeping the carpet then she got the empty dustpan and tipped it into the garbage can. What a smart girl. I guess we better always remember that she is watching us and will pick up on what we do, good or bad. That's good incentive to always try to choose the right and be good examples.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finally all better

About 6 weeks ago Eliza caught a cold which sounds like no big deal but for some reason she seems to have a really tough time getting over sicknesses sometimes. It started with a runny nose and goopy eyes (I don't know how else to describe it.) She had some eye drainage before when she was really little and it cleared up on it's own so I figured the same thing would happen again. After about a week and a half she seemed to be improving but then caught another, even worse, cold. This time she was much sicker. Her nose was really, really, stuffy and runny and her eyes were really bad again. The poor thing could hardly breathe through her nose which made sucking on a binky pretty tricky. From what I've read, colds can last up to a couple of weeks so I thought we just needed to hang in there and it would go away on it's own. Since there are no decongestants for children anymore, all we could do was run a humidifier in her room and try to suction out her nose (which, by the way, is close to impossible.) Days went by and she would be okay one day and then bad the next. I finally took her to the doctor last week. We actually don't like our doctor and have been meaning to switch but haven't gotten around to it. I wish we had. After examining her, the doctor determined that her eyes and all her congestion was due to a sinus infection. That's what he told us last time and it did not go well. (See our post from Feb. 6) But this time I thought that she might really have a sinus infection because it seemed to make sense with all her other symptoms. He also said she had a some fluid behind her ear drum but it wasn't infected. I reminded the doctor of the bad allergic reaction Eliza had last time to Cephalexin and he prescribed Amoxicillin. After one dose, Eliza threw up and started getting a rash on the back of her neck. (Again, see our post from Feb. 6) Well, I was not going down that road again so I immediately stopped giving it to her. She threw up again during the night but after that it was pretty much out of her system and the rash went away. The doctor was already gone for the day when I tried to call back and he actually called in sick the next two days. So in the meantime I spoke with different nurses who all said the same thing, that as long as she wasn't too miserable just wait and call back on Monday. Anyone who is around Eliza much knows what a happy, content little girl she is and by Friday afternoon she was absolutely miserable. She was crying and I could just tell how sick she felt. Saturday morning I couldn't stand seeing her so miserable anymore and we called the office to see if there was a doctor there that could see her. I took her in and a different doctor examined her and said that both her ears were infected as well as her eyes. I felt horrible! It's so easy to feel inadequate as a mom and finding out that she was that sick and had been for probably a while didn't help me feel any better. This doctor told us that it was unlikely to have a sinus infection in a child that young and he disagreed with our doctor's diagnosis. Yeah, we're definitely changing pediatricians. I explained to this doctor about her bad reaction to Cephalexin as well as Amoxicillin so he prescribed Azithromycin. He said he doubted that she had a true allergy to both of those antibiotcs but it seemed like she was definitely sensitive to them. We kept up with the medicine and Tylenol to help with the pain in her ears and that seemed to do the trick. Her eyes looked better the very next day and her congestion is almost all the way gone. She is so much happier and just looks better. Man, after all that I doubt I will be sending her to nursery when she turns 18 months old next month. Talk about a germ factory! I'm so paranoid about her being exposed to any sickness now. So if anyone is still reading this novel, I'm happy to say that our sweet Eliza is all better and will hopefully not have to go through that ever again!

She has a hard time leaving her barrettes in her hair. She loves to wear them but can't keep her hands off of them.