Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LASIK Consultation

It was good news! After two hours of scans, exams, eye drops, dilated eyes, and bright lights I was told that I was a great candidate for the procedure. I am very excited for this to happen. The only concern they had was that I have dry eyes. That wasn't news to me but I suppose I'm just used to it. They said that sometimes after LASIK the eyes can become a little dry. So if I have dry eyes to begin with it may become worse. Personally, I'd rather deal with dry eyes and have good vision than red, irritated contact eyes. I have a month before my surgery to try and get my eyes a little better. So I'll probably be wearing my glasses most of the time. I have an OTC drop I use 4 times a day. Another OTC gel drop 1 time a day. And a prescription drop two times a day. It's a lot to remember! Plus after the surgery I'll have another two prescription drops to keep track of.

Right now my surgery is scheduled for March 18. I have an appointment the week prior so they can check the dryness in my eyes and see if there is any improvement. If there is not, they will push the surgery back. So here's hoping for these drops to do the trick!

And a huge thank you to Shelly for telling me to watch Good Things Utah last Friday! They were offering an awesome coupon to Hoopes Vision. $500 off per eye! I feel so good about going there. I have heard nothing but good things about them.

Tai, if you are reading this....they didn't ask me at all about having more children. I was thinking they would tell me to wait to have LASIK until I was 100% sure I was done having kids. It didn't come up at all!

I can't wait to post about my experience and how wonderful it is to be contact/glasses free!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The best surprise ever

Matt came home from work yesterday with a HUGE surprise for me.

I have wanted Lasik surgery for a loooooooooooooong time. Matt must have gotten sick of hearing me talk about it. He set up a consultation for me and has already done all the research as to the cost and recovery. It means so much to me that he would sacrifice to give me something I want so much.

I got my first pair of glasses in 5th grade. I got hard contacts in 10th grade. About 7 years ago I started wearing soft lenses but I have never been able to wear contacts comfortably. My eyes are always red. I wear glasses a lot also but that's not my first choice. Also I have something called a pinguecula on my right eye. It is a small lump that happens to be located right on the edge of where my contact sits so it rubs all day long. I can't even explain how happy I am to have the option to never have to deal with these things again. It's not a for sure thing yet, it will depend on how my consultation goes on the 21st but I am beyond excited about this. A little freaked out (have you watched a Lasik procedure on youtube?) but mostly excited.

Thank you Matt. I love you.