Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mystery injury

Last week Eliza was complaining that her knee was hurting. I wasn't sure how badly it was hurting and how much of it was her being dramatic. But as the week went on, she kept limping and complaining. The strange thing is, not only did it seem to come and go, we have NO idea how it happened. She would run around inside and out in the yard but then by the end of the day, she would say that her leg was hurting. So after a few days of her limp not improving I decided to take her into the pediatrician. It was a Saturday so we didn't see our regular doctor but the one we saw was great. He examined her knees, hips, and ankles and watched her walk. He didn't think it was too serious, whatever it was, but said he'd feel better if we went to the hospital for some x-rays, just to be sure. So off we went. Eliza was an angel at the hospital. She did just what they told her and didn't freak out at the x-ray machine. Later that night, we heard back from the doctor and he said that the x-rays showed a possible fracture in her ankle. ??? She hadn't complained about her ankle at all, only her knee. They did say it was not conclusive but that we needed to take her somewhere to get her ankle splinted. The only place open on a Saturday evening is the Kids Care. The nurse was great and this is what we came home with.

We took her back to the pediatrician's office on Monday and they put a different, and bigger, splint on. So now she has her entire left leg, up past her knee splinted. I'm glad they're being cautious but I can't help feeling like it's a little extreme. The doctor explained that injuries like that in children can be tricky. He said that sometimes they don't even know what's been fractured until it starts to heal and they can see the calcification of the bone in an x-ray. So we might be headed back for more x-rays in a few days to see if they have any more answers for us. In the meantime, Eliza is being a good sport about the whole thing. She puts up with it and it doesn't slow her down much at all.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend get-away

I hesitate to even call this a "cabin" since it's about a million times nicer than our house but since it was in the mountains and we had to drive on dirt roads to get there, I guess technically it is one. We had such a fun weekend being with two of my brothers and their families. Good food, campfire, s'mores, games until late and a gorgeous sunrise. Thanks to Brian and his VERY generous friend, Eric, for letting us stay in his cabin. It was gorgeous!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer rain


Bike ride!

After a month of earning stickers for good behavior, Eliza finally earned her prize! Trust me, a month is like forever to a three year old! We've been wanting to get her a bike this summer but we felt like it was a fairly big thing and we didn't want to just go out and buy one for her. So we thought we'd introduce Eliza to the concept of incentives. Or you can call it bribery. :) Now she not only got such a fun reward but she is starting to learn that being good makes everyone happy.

We're still working on the whole coordination thing but she's doing pretty well. She's only ridden into a bush one time.