Thursday, August 21, 2008

House hunting

After having our condo on the market for close to a year we finally got an offer! So on Saturday we're starting the process of finding a new house. It's really exciting for us but at the same time, kind of sad. This is the only place we've lived since we were married and the only home Eliza has known. Plus we really love our ward and will miss all the friends we have made. However, we won't miss walking up three flights of stairs or our cramped space.

The other day we decided to take a drive out to West Jordan, which is one of the areas we're looking at. We drove around for a while and really like the neighborhoods. It would be a pretty long commute for Matt but it seems like homes closer in are way too expensive so we may be investing in a bus pass for him. Here is Eliza enjoying the ride (well, she enjoyed it for about 15 minutes).
Wish us luck!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another play date

My friend Shelly and I took Josh and Eliza to the zoo this morning. It was really crowded and not overcast like we thought it would be but still a lot of fun. Josh and Eliza were really good and liked looking at the animals (the ones that they could see from their strollers, anyway.) As soon as Eliza saw the carousel she started crying so we had to go buy a ticket for it. I know... I give in too easy. She cried the whole time we were walking through the line and was so happy when we finally made it. But, of course, the ride wasn't long enough for her and she started crying as soon as it stopped. We hurried down to the giraffes to distract her and it seemed to work. We also rode on the train which is actually pretty boring and uncomfortable. The only animals we really saw were a couple of very hot looking buffalo and a rabbit that I'm not sure was even part of the zoo. Oh, well. The kids enjoyed the ride. The gift shop was probably the best part for me and Shelly because of the wonderful air conditioning inside. Some of the little houses and areas inside the zoo are so humid! Here is Eliza holding her souvenirs. Thanks Shelly and Josh for the fun morning!