Monday, February 11, 2013


Pretty much everyone knows by now but we found out at the end of January that we're going to have another little GIRL!

I had no feelings one way or the other.  I really didn't know what they were going to say at the ultrasound.  We are so happy!  Honestly, HONESTLY, we would have been happy either way.  But Eliza was over the moon happy!  Jackson is still going back and forth.  Either way, she's going to be called "baby Batman" for a while by him.

Oh, and we are now traveling in style with a minivan.  So nice to have all that room...and a DVD player.

The rest of December

I don't know, I'm just no good at blogging lately.  By the time I sit down to update, I don't have the energy to catch up with everything that has happened.  But here goes...

Christmas was awesome.  Came and went so fast!

Jackson's "bus" school Christmas party

His Miss Amanda school program
So proud of him for learning all his songs!

Eliza also had a school Christmas program but I was too far away to get any pictures.  So cute though!  

Christmas Day

 Eliza bought this book for Jackson with her own money.  She was SO excited to give it to him!

Fun with Grandpa!

I guess he thought pulling the kids behind the car wasn't as good of an idea as it was 20 years when he did it with us!