Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's a....


Sorry about the picture of a picture. We don't have a scanner so that's the best I could do. It's a little hard to tell what everything is on an ultrasound picture but trust's definitely a boy. Here's another picture that's a little easier to tell what it is.

Everything looked good on the ultrasound which is always a relief and he's growing just like he should. Eliza will be a wonderful big sister. She already sits on my lap and talks into my belly button and says, "Hi baby!" It's so cute! We're so excited and thankful for this fun time!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Haricut

We finally got Eliza's hair cut, well trimmed, for the first time. It is such an event every night trying to comb her hair after her bath so I thought a trim might make it a little more manageable. She has such pretty curls in the back and I didn't want to cut those off yet because I'm not sure if they'd grow back so we just had it cut a little and then gave her some bangs. I think she looks so grown up now. She was excited to look in the mirror afterwards and she kept saying, "Haircut. So pretty." She's right, she looks very pretty.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Kid's Say The Funniest Things

So I thought while Eliza is still learning to talk I would post about some of the funniest things she has said so far. Some may not be that funny to you all, but if you have ever had a 2 year old learning to talk, remember those times and that some of these come out of nowhere. Here is a quick list:
"Oh my goodness!"
"Oh crap!"
"Mooshu dad/mom(Miss you dad)"
"Ahooo dad/mom(Love you dad/mom)"
While holding a DVD, "Watch it"
"Read it"
"Craba say it"(her request for her toy crab to say the prayer before she goes to bed)
"I think so"
When telling her to be quiet at church..."Shh. Duckle(Michael, Eliza's cousin) sleeps"
When asked why we wear Blue, "Game Day!!!"
Her favorite 'dammies', "Monkeys"
"Get some sugar"
"Fall down"
After crying for a time, a big smile appears on her face,"Happy 'gain(again)"
After seeing, hearing, or doing anything fun or funny, "'gain(again)"
"Goosie Goosie Gander"(her favorite song and nursery rhyme)
"Hotdog lunch"
"Oh my"
"Hurrrraaayy dad!!!"
"Holy Cow"
"Oh Baby"
While holding a small stick outside against the ground, "Hiking"
"Hi Wendall" and "Pardon me Wendall(from a book called 'Pigsty')"
At the store...."Buy things"
"Holnon tight(hold on tight)"
While riding the rocking horse,"Whoa nanny(nellie)"