Saturday, September 10, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

We have not had family pictures since Jackson was a couple of months old. I was so happy to hear about Fotofly from some neighbors! It is a fantastic place! Jackson was a PILL (he would have been even without the broken foot) but they did their best and I'm really excited about the way they turned out. Here are some of my favorites!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Jackson has had quite the summer. Since July I think we have spent over $200 just in copays and seen at least 4 different doctors. That's not counting Matt and his appointments and surgery. The pediatrician, the Kids Care doctors, the ENT, and a podiatrist. That's all I can think of off the top of my head, there's probably more.

On Labor Day we had a get together at my parent's house. They have a big, fun trampoline which is great. They also have 7 grandkids who all like to be on it at the same time. They have always said only two at a time and the big kids can't be jumping the same time as the little ones. Well, you know how it goes... They were all having such a good time and Jackson was laughing hysterically at being bounced around. Then he started screaming out of nowhere. Now, this isn't unusual for Jackson so we decided it was time to go anyway and carried him to the car. When we got home he wouldn't walk on his right foot. I actually thought he had gotten a sliver because he was barefoot. I looked all around and didn't really see anything. So we put him to bed and thought maybe we'd see something new in the morning. He slept great but still wouldn't walk normal in the morning. As the day went on we decided we better take him in. The doctor told us there was definitely something wrong but it wasn't obvious what or where. Jackson didn't cry when the doctor pushed on his ankle or foot or up his shin. He told us to go to the hospital to get x-rays in the morning.

The next morning we had family pictures scheduled. I had already had to cancel them once and I wasn't about to do it again. So we did the pictures and then took him in for x-rays while they got the photos edited. When we got back to the photography studio our pediatrician's office called saying Jackson foot was BROKEN. How did we not know he'd been limping around on broken foot for two days?! He didn't really cry very much. I felt SOOO bad. At least now I can blame the lack of smiling in the family pictures on that. Even though he probably wouldn't have cooperated anyway.

We drove back to the pediatrician's office and got his foot casted. It's not too bad. The cast goes up to mid-calf and he only has to wear it for 4 weeks. He refused to walk on it for the first day or two but now he's getting better at it.

THE VERY NEXT DAY was his tube and adenoid surgery. I was completely overwhelmed with everything he had been through and was just dreading the morning. He was such a champ. He screamed his head off when the nurse took him away for the surgery but they let him bring his Clifford dog with him so that helped a little. The surgery was quick and he seemed to recover from the anesthesia faster than he did last year. Our ENT told us that it was such a good thing we did. His tubes were completely useless and had to be cut out. He said the crusting and scarring around them had made it nearly impossible for his ear drum to vibrate. The new ones will hopefully heal correctly. He also told us that Jackson's adenoids were extremely enlarged. So taking them out will solve a lot of his ear pain and hopefully help him not have many infections in the future.

Jackson has been wonderful since the surgery. I was planning on days of crying and pain meds but he's done great. He has only needed Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Not the Lortab they prescribed. Once we finish up the antibiotic and the ear drops, I'm hoping to see a new boy! My hope is that he will hear better and finally start talking. We'll see....

I love this boy so much. He is sweet and snuggly and adorable. I hope we haven't traumatized him too much. I think we would be wise to invest in football pads and a helmet though...

Saturday, September 3, 2011


In July we decided we needed to have Jackson start speech therapy. When I took him into the school for his health and hearing screening, he did not pass the hearing test. He couldn't hear the lower frequencies. When the audiologist looked in his ears she said that his tubes were all blocked with wax. I thought, do you get ear wax out of a two year old's ears? When I took him to our ENT his nurse said to put drops in for a week and then bring him back. I did and after a week there was still no change. So she said to keep it up for two more weeks and then bring him back on a day when the doctor would be in the office so if it was soft enough, he could suction it out. I took him in on Monday and it turns out the ear wax is not ear wax after all. Hmm...that would have been helpful to know about two co-payments and two prescriptions ago.

The doctor said that sometimes it can look like ear wax. I'm not sure what's going on but either his tubes have shifted or just healed all wrong and they are not functioning anymore. I'm a little confused if it's skin or scar tissue but something has grown over the tube opening. No wonder he can't hear and is constantly rubbing his ears! So Thursday we are headed in for round 2 of tube surgery. UGH! The first time was a nightmare and I'm sure it will only be worse this time. They are going to remove the old tubes and if there is any fluid in there, they will place a new set. And if his adenoids are enlarged at all they will remove those also! So I took him in thinking we were going to suction out some ear wax and left with a surgery date. I can not believe we have to do this again. They told me with the adenoidectomy he has to sleep with his head elevated. How in the world am I supposed to do that? He's not going to sleep in a chair. I can prop his crib mattress up on one end but knowing how he sleeps, he'll end up with his feel elevated. I think these doctors tell you things without really thinking through HOW exactly you're supposed to do it.

My only hope is that this FINALLY solves his ear problems and that he will start hearing better and speaking. Poor little guy....I hate that we have to put him through it again. Oh, and because it's never just one thing with this kid, he also has two ingrown toenails that will probably need cut out soon.

We actually got a letter from our insurance questioning all the claims on Jackson lately! Let's hope this is the end! For his sake and mine.