Monday, May 18, 2009

Kickball Anyone??

Over the weekend(we finally had one with good weather), Emily and I hosted The 1st Annual McCann Family BBQ/Kickball game. It was nice to get everyone together except Mike and Melissa due to another obligation. The food was outstanding, the company was great, and the kickball was outstanding. I led my team to victory and had 3 homeruns in the 2nd inning. Little Ryan McCann led a valiant effort on the other team but they came up short and we ending up winning 12-10. This is going to be an annual event for our family and we have the perfect setup to do it. The kids all loved the Otterpops for dessert and the adults had some outstanding lemon bars made by the lovely Emily. Overall, great times had by all.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sweet Mother's day gift

Last week I peeked in on Eliza in nursery to make sure she was doing okay and I was suprised to see them doing fingerpainting. I thought, well that's a brave nursery leader who thought of that activity. Then on Sunday when we picked Eliza up at the end of church, I realized that the nursery leader was not only brave, but also very thoughtful. They had spent the two weeks helping the children make mother's day presents. I think it is so sweet. I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones but I get emotional everytime I read it or see it on my dresser.

Eliza and Matt also gave me a cute picture frame with 6 black and white pictures of our family in it. I love it. I have a wonderful little family and a very thoughtful husband. I love you both!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Miss Independent

I imagine all two year olds go through an independent stage but Eliza's seems to be on the extreme end of the spectrum. She is learning so many new things and it seems like everyday there is one more thing that she no longer wants help with. "I do it myself!" is probably the most common phrase heard around our house these days. It's good and bad. Good because by the time the new baby comes, she'll really be able to do a lot of things on her own but bad because it takes three times as long to go anywhere or do anything. Here are some examples of what she has to do on her own:

- climbing in her chair to eat
- pick out her own spoon/straw/bowl
- take off her pajamas
- take off her diaper
- pick out a new diaper and open the tape on it
- sometimes I can pick out her clothes but she's starting to want to do that. Polka-dots with stripes, anyone?
- get dressed (this includes her needing to put on every article of clothing by herself. Socks are tricky and her pants or shirt usually end up on backwards)
- IF she lets me do something with her hair, she picks out the barrette or elastic
- opening and closing the doors
- climbing in her car seat
- doing the buckles on said car seat
- when crossing a street or parking lot, she won't hold my hand, she holds her own hands. We're working on a way to fix this one
- walking up or going down stairs
- saying the dinner prayer
- brushing her own teeth (including putting the toothpaste on her toothbrush)
- putting her potty seat on the toilet
- pulling the plug in the bath
- picking out and putting on her own pajamas
- she says her own prayers, tells herself a story, and sings herself "I am a Child of God" every night. It really is priceless. I wish we could record it somehow but she probably wouldn't cooperate.

Anyway, basically everything. Matt and I are definitely getting a lesson in patience but we love her and are so thankful to have such a smart, healthy, loving little girl.