Monday, March 23, 2009

Our new house

I guess it's high time we post some pictures of our house. Everything is going really well so far and we're loving it here. Eliza is doing much better in her bed. She still doesn't sleep as long as she used to but maybe the days of three hours naps are long gone. Too bad.

We like our ward and hopefully we'll get through the rest of the year with 1:00 church without going inactive. Eliza loves nursery and is good as long as she's distracted but as soon as we get home, 4:00 until bedtime is pretty much a nightmare. I've tried getting her to take a nap before church but that hasn't happened yet. I guess we can only do what we can do. Only nine more months.

Anyway, here are some pictures. The mess is not all the way gone yet but we're getting there.

Here is Eliza's bed. I realized after I posted this that is seems like we let her run around the house with no pants on a lot but that's because she is very proud of the fact that she can take them off by herself. She can't put them back on as well but never wants help so that's why she spends a lot of time in her diaper.

Here is Eliza and I getting ready to leave for church. I should be better about posting pregnancy pictures but really, they're not my favorite. But here you go. I'm about 25 weeks along now.

Some of our favorite things about our house are:
- a kitchen that more than one person can be in at a time
- a garage
- a living room that fits both of our couches
- no flights of stairs to climb up
- a walk-in closet
- a yard (yes it's small but still)
- our own garbage can
- a basement

And my personal favorite new addition to our house....

That's right. Not one, not two, but three discs of Rob/Edward that I can ogle, er I mean, watch whenever I want. Slow motion is a beautiful thing. Speaking of beautiful, if you haven't seen April's issue of GQ magazine, I highly recommend it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finally Some Picutres

So we don't get our internet until later today but free wireless is good too so I will add some pictures from the last little while including our messy kitchen when we moved in, Zi helping make rice crispy treats, and Zi getting ready for "her" basketball game.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Exciting Times

It has been quite a while since Emily or I have had the chance to post on our blog. One reason is because we don't have internet access at our new house yet. We are hoping to get access sooon so we can post some new pictures of Eliza and our house. It is very nice having a house and especially a garage to park in. The commute really isn't bad either which is good. The biggest issue we are having right now is Eliza and her new bed. It is quite the adjustment process for her sleeping in a bed instead of a crib. She is doing very well but her nap times have been cut in half, we think due to it being lighter in her room and her ability to get out of bed by herself. A couple nights ago she came walking into our bedroom at 4am saying, "I'm awake! I'm awake!" We do have a video moniter now so we can see if she has gotten out of bed. Overall though, Eliza is doing very well. She is such a sweet girl and last night had Emily and I laughing while she was singing,"When my mommy calls me, do my best everyday(quickly I obey)". We all had a good laugh and then made rice crispy treats. Eliza loved throwing the marshmallows in the pot but didn't really understand the concept using the cup to put in the rice crispies because she wanted to do it 1 handful at a time. We had a good time together making them and really enjoy the space we have in our kitchen.
The people in our new ward seems to be very nice too and we think we will be able to fit in very easily. My BFF Steve's older brother Doug is in the ward and also a guy I grew up with is in the ward so that makes for a pretty easy transition.
Right now is also March madness. This has to be the best part of the year. Taking the first 2 days off for the tournament to watch basketball all day is the best decision I have every made and I highly reccommend it. Hopefully the Cougars can pull one out finally(16 years is too long of a drought). Church basketball is in full swing as well and I have a game tonight in the semifinals. A lot is going on and we are very happy with life.
Finally, time is literally flying by and the new baby will be here at the beginning of July. We talked about names again last night for the first time in a while. We still don't agree on anything but eventually we will come to a comprimise and maybe even create our own unique name(not really). Emily still really likes Will and I still really like Dillon. We will post pictures as soon as we can of everything that has been going on.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Life's Changes

Time seems to be flying(literally) around here for us. We are closing on our home tomorrow(finally), baby is growing nicely in Emily's tummy, and Eliza is figuring out new things in her crib. This post would probably be best if it didn't include pictures. Friday night, I came down to go to bed only to discover Eliza had completely stripped down to only a diaper and was sitting up in her crib playing with her toy "craba"(crab). I quickly dressed her and snuggled with her for a minute before putting her back to bed. Then Saturday night rolled around and into Sunday morning. Emily went to get Eliza out of bed to get her ready for church and Eliza had stripped down again only this time found a way to take off her diaper, which had a little mess in it. Thank goodness I was at my meetings at the church because I have a very bad gag reflex and I don't know if I could have cleaned it. Also, thank goodness Emily is the mom she is and was able to do it all by herself. I have also been informed that Eliza did the same thing this morning(without the mess). Things are really going to get interesting as we transition her into a bed next week at our new house. She is such a funny little girl and I am sure things will go fine but days like Sunday can really try your patience as a parent. This post will be continued after we sign our lives away tomorrow for our house and we will include some pictures as well. For right now, everything is great for us.