Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Party!

We serioulsy LOVE our neighborhood. When we moved in we were surprised at how many fun traditions there are. Among other things, every year a different couple hosts a Halloween party. No kids invited. I am not the entertaining type at all. Really. It stresses me out and I get all weird about things. BUT we also have very persuasive neighbors. :) We got talking about how our home is one of the only ones in the neighborhood that still has an unfinished basement. I would have never thought of having a party down there but I was told it would be great. So after a little coaxing and a promise that I would have help decorating, we agreed to host this year.

Our own decorations consist of a few pumpkins and I think a couple of other crafty looking items. Nothing that would work for a party. Our wonderful neighbors Mike and Janai let us borrow their AWESOME decorations for the party. And Jocelyn the amazing decorator helped us put it all together. I actually feel like I hardly did anything. I just followed her around and handed her tape when she needed it.

We had the party on Saturday and it was so much fun!! Everyone brought a treat to share and we played games, visited and just had a great time. Not only was Jocelyn the decorator, she was also the photographer. I stole these pictures from her, hope she doesn't mind!

Considering we're not going to be finishing our basement any time soon, we may as well just leave it all up for next year! It was the least stressful party ever! Thank you everyone for coming, it was a blast!

One more of us so you can see my awesome leggins, leg warmers, and jelly shoes! I miss the 80s.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 14th

Are we the most boring couple or what? First of all, I didn't even realize we had been married 7 years. I thought it was 8. And second, Matt was in a different state for our anniversary. Oh well, we've never been the type of couple that has to do something big and exciting for our anniversary. We had a really fun get away to Park City last year. This year, I hung out and had some much needed "me time" once the kids were in bed. Well, that's what I did at night. During the day I had to take Jackson back to the hospital for more x-rays on his foot. After he got his cast off he was perfectly fine. Then out of nowhere he started limping again. I still don't know what was wrong, the x-rays were clear and now he's walking normal again. Fun times, let me tell you. Matt spent the night in a motel somewhere in Colorado.

But we did finally at least acknowledge it yesterday. My mom and dad watched the kids and we used a gift certificate that we have had for 2 years! No expiration on it, thank goodness. We ate at Christopher's downtown. The food was good but the peace and quite was WONDERFUL!

I brought our camera because usually couples take pictures of each other celebrating their anniversary, right? I forgot all about it. So we have no anniversary pictures but we had a nice, quiet dinner and that's all we really wanted. :)

We've had a great 7 years! I feel lucky to have Matt. He's a wonderful husband and dad. We'll have to see how exciting we can make our 8th anniversary....shouldn't be hard to top!