Monday, August 27, 2012

Big day!

When did this girl grow up?  I swear it was yesterday she was going to preschool.  And now kindergarten! 

She could not be more excited.  That's the only thing that is keeping me from being more of an emotional wreck.  At least I know I won't have to drag her kicking and screaming.  That's the other child.  :)

I know she's not the first kid to go to kindergarten but she's MY first and it's hard.  It will be sad not having her around in the mornings.  Jackson is going to miss her like crazy.  

So yeah, I'm going to be THAT mother that cries as she walks into her school.  Oh well.  I can't help it.  But it's so dang early that I won't have any mascara on to ruin so that's good.  

She's going to do amazing.  She already reads at a first grade level. I can't wait to see how much she grows and learns this year.  

Could she be any cuter in her uniform?  I love this girl so much.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

No pictures, but...

We have been complete fail with taking pictures lately.  But we've had a fun couple of months!  Girls camp was really a good experience.  I'm so thankful I wasn't the one in charge but I'm glad I went.  And I'm really, really glad that Matt and the kids survived.  I was more nervous about that than going to camp!

The day after I got back from camp, Matt threw me a surprise party.  Which is brave of him considering he knows how much I HATE stuff like that.  Honestly, I had no idea he was doing it.  He and Eliza are very good secret keepers.  Even when we walked in the house after church and I heard a little bit of talking, I thought we had left the TV on.  Totally surprised!  The fact that he was mopping the kitchen floor Saturday night should have tipped me off!  It was fun though and I had a good time.  I just made him promise to never do it ever again.  

I had to teach Young Women's the day after camp and then the next week I had to speak in sacrament meeting and teach part of the lesson again.  So stressful!  I am happy that is all over with.  

Matt's dad has his stake Lagoon day at the end of July.  We had never taken our kids there and they had a BLAST!  I hadn't been to Lagoon in much has changed!  Luckily, Jackson was just barely tall enough to ride a lot of the adult rides.  He and Eliza loved Tidal Wave, Rattlesnake Rapids, the Log Ride, and Bombora.  Also all the kiddie rides.  I hadn't realized how bad my fear of heights had gotten!  So lame but I was TERRIFIED on the Sky Ride.  Yes, the calmest ride in the entire park.  I was with Eliza and she had to tell me to not grab her leg so tight several times.  Matt and Jackson were in the cart in front of us and I kept picturing seeing Jackson falling out.  He has such a hard time sitting still and I was freaked out the whole time.  And of course we were stopped for 20 minutes who knows how many feet above solid concrete. So scary!  I will not be doing that ride again.  We took videos of the kids on rides but didn't get any pictures. 

Then this last weekend Matt was in Colorado.  I think he was paying me back for leaving him while I was at camp.  We had a fun weekend.  For once in his life, Jackson surprised me by being good when we took away the crib and made him sleep in a bed.  Totally shocked!!  He doesn't sleep in long enough in the mornings but he never (knock on wood) gets out during the night.  It's the only time he has cooperated for anything!

School starts at the end of August for Eliza and the first week of September for Jackson.  This is going to be a huge change for him but I'm excited to see how much he grows and learns!