Friday, July 20, 2012

While The Cat's Away...The Mice Will...

Go Crazy!   That is what these past couple days have been without Emily.  We have had fun and eaten way too many treats, but staying home with kids can be exhausting.  They wear me out and I think I have worn them out at the same time.  I have dragged them to different places and through different stores.   I think what is frustrating, and now I see it in the eyes of Emily, is when you go to a store and get done with what you need, only to realize you forgot something on your way home and you think to yourself, "there is no way I am taking the kids all the way back just to get one more item".  We have had our share of fun though.  Last night was snow cone night and the night before was dinner with Grandpa while Grandma is also out of town.   We are going to try to hit up a family rivarly baseball game between a nephew and a cousin today at 4, which should be fun but hot.  After, we will make a solid effort to clean everything up before dinner.   This shouldn't be too hard as we have tried to clean up and do dishes as we go, but we will try to get a more thorough cleaning done soon.  The nice thing is Jackson has slept really well, or maybe I have slept really well and haven't heard him.   Eliza decided on Wednesday night that she would put herself to sleep and has been a really good girl so far.  I really can understand why Emily enjoys the peace and quiet after bedtime.   As I work full time, I tend to enjoy driving home because I consider that "me time" but Emily never really gets that until after the kids go to bed.   I have really learned to appreciate all she does for the kids and me.  So this is a pretty random post, but my point is that I believe I could be a full time stay at home dad, but Emily will always do a better job than I ever could.   T-minus 26 hours until the return of mom. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jackson turns 3!

7-8-9  That's how I remember Jackson's birthday.  Sunday he turned three!  I can't believe it.  In some ways it's been the longest three years of my life and in other ways, it's gone by really fast and I can't believe he's that old.  Here's what Jackson is like at 3 years old

  • Would eat treats all day long if we let him
  • Is finally staying in nursery by himself
  • He will leap off anything and everything
  • Loves to play with the hose outside and will drench himself with it.  But if he gets a drop of water on himself during dinner, he cries
  • Loves basketball 
  • Still won't drink much milk
  • Is communicating much better but still has a long way to go
  • His favorite shows are Star Wars and Curious George
  • Is obsessed with Robots (pronounces it Bobots)
  • Still sleeps in a crib and melts down when we try to change that
  • Is a lefty like his mom
  • Usually naps every day but it's fading
  • Cannot sit still for more than a minute
  • Wakes up grumpy 90% of the time
  • Cries for at least 30 minutes when we have to put on church clothes.
  • Has had 2 surgeries, a broken foot, and stitches
  • Can point out a car wash no matter where we are
  • Loves his 93 year old great grandpa and calls him "big grandpa"
  • Sings along with I am a Child of God
  • Has big, beautiful blue eyes and dark eyelashes
Jackson has been such a challenge for me.  A lot of the time I feel like I still don't know what I'm doing with him.  And I often wonder who thought it was a good idea to make me his mother.  But I love him so much and we can't imagine our family without him.  He has taught me patience and to be grateful for small accomplishments and miracles.  He's my sweet little boy and I am so happy to be his mom.  The good days and the snuggles make it all worth it. 

Those lashes...  Didn't get them from me.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

  It's not Jackson's birthday until Sunday but we had an early party for him so most of my family could come.  I have to say...the majority of the time I try anything for the first time it just doesn't work out.  Recipes, crafts, anything.  So I was stressed about the cake I was attempting to make.  But I was so happy it actually turned out!  Minus the messy wax paper underneath...I couldn't get that out without destroying the cake. 

He loves his scooter from grandma and grandpa!  Can't believe this little stinker will be 3 soon.  

I actually did TWO things that turned out better than expected yesterday.  The cake and then this patriotic wreath.  I love the colors of July!