Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tubes & Tonsils

Jackson got his first set of ear tubes when he was 11 months old.  When he was 2 they realized that they were not working anymore.  His eardrums were barely functioning.  Who knows how long they had been that way.
When he got his second set, they took out his adenoids also.  Those tubes were in until he was nearly 4 when they fell out on their own.
We were so happy!  No more ear plugs during bath time.  I was sure he had outgrown the need for them.
Not even a month after they fell out he got an ear infection.  Even though the antibiotic cleared up the infection the fluid was still there.  When they did a tympanogram, his ear drums basically weren't vibrating at all.  Again.  After a month the fluid was still there and I knew we were in for a third set.
Also, for about a year Jackson's tonsils have been huge.  We've had them looked at but because he doesn't snore or have trouble sleeping, they didn't really want to take them out.  
When we knew we needed tubes again I asked about his tonsils again.  They had us do an overnight oximetry test.  The results showed "significant obstruction" during the night so they had to come out.  
We decided only one of us would take him to the hospital.  It just wasn't practical with getting Eliza to school and the baby to have us both gone.  He chose Dad!
We didn't need to have him there until 9:00 am.  Which is SO long when the poor kid couldn't eat or drink.  He usually eats two breakfasts.  And then once he was there, the surgery didn't start until about 10:30.


 They stayed at the hospital for a couple of hours and when they got home, I was so surprised that Jackson was actually awake and talking.  He was still kind of woozy from everything and slept for a couple of more hours at home but when we woke up, he looked at me and said, "Get me food, mom."  He ate jello, a popscicle, powdered donuts, a piece of bread, and mushy cereal.  

I was dreading his recovery - I read horror stories online but he's actually done really, really well.  He's had pain but once we can convince him to take the yucky medicine, that manages it just fine.  As far as we can tell, his scabs have not come off yet so that's our last rough patch.  The hardest part of it all has been trying to get him to relax and be still.  That's not something he does very well.  I was glad that he went back to school.  Although he's been sooo clingy so he's had a litle bit of a hard time with that.  He'll get back in his routine though.
So, here's hoping the tubes do their job and the tonsils heal up fast!


Walter Family said...

I am so glad everything went well and that the recovery hasn't been too bad! He's such a cutie!!


Poor Little STINK! I hope this is the LAST of his EAR journey! Glad that he is healing up well and it hasn't been too hard on him...or you! ;)