Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Six years old

On Saturday, Eliza turned six!  
That week at school she was the spotlight which was fun for her.  
Birthday morning she opened her present!

We're hoping it helps her not be such a chicken on her bike.

Then we went to the mall for EAR PIERCING!  It is something she has been wanting for a couple of months.  She was so brave, not one tear.

For dinner we let her pick the place but secretly invited both grandparents so it was a sort of surprise party for her.  

Then we went back to grandma and grandpa's for cake, ice cream, and a few more presents.

The Madagascar 3 DVD came with a "Marty wig."  It totally looked like the picture.  

Eliza is such a joy in my life and our family.  Every day she makes me smile and makes me proud.  She is smart, beautiful, loving, innocent, a good helper, and a wonderful big sister.  I love her so much!



HAPPY { B } Day, Eliza!!
She SERIOUSLY is the BEST little ANGEL around!
She must get that from her Mom...Cause we all know it didn't come from her Dad! :)

Kara said...

Happy Birthday Eliza! I love that she got her ears pierced! She is such a little cutie! And can you send some of her "angeluses" my way...my kids are in need of that gene!

Our Family said...

Happy Birthday cute girl!!! Jim might be bummbed that he didn't get a Marty wig for his birthday :)

The Dabo's said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!